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This autumn, acclaimed author, activist, and co-founder of the international climate campaign – Bill McKibben – will lead the Fossil Free Europe Tour. As with previous sell-out tours in the USA and Australia, he will make the case for how the core business model of the fossil fuel industry is destroying our climate, and poses the greatest threat humanity has ever faced. This won't be a typical lecture, but a multi-media experience that will help galvanise the movement. McKibben will bring together, on stage and on video, an impressive group of social movement leaders, organisers, climate scientists, and opinion leaders to make the case that divesting from fossil fuel companies is not just morally just, but ecologically and economically smart.

This event is presented by, hosted by project21.

The program will be about 2 hours long. It will feature live music from Filastine, presentations by both Bill McKibben (author, and co-founder) and Kumi Naidoo (Executive Director of Greenpeace International), and other guest speakers including climate scientists, social movement leaders, campaigners, organizers and more.

  • Friday 1 November, 20:00 (Doors 19:30)
  • StuZZ, ETH Zurich, Universitätstrasse 6
  • Some snacks & drinks provided
  • Watch video about the tour here